Recent Projects

  • Constitutional Prompting

    Constitutional Prompting

    A Jupyter Book demo, using techniques from Constitutional AI to generate effective prompts for Copy Editing tasks.

  • Anthropic Docs

    Anthropic Docs

    I built Anthropic's documentation website and wrote the section on "Prompt Design".

  • ClaudeChrome


    A chrome extension for querying Anthropic's LLM Claude using context from the page, without leaving your tab.

  • Prompt Generator

    Prompt Generator

    Generate example prompts from a question and compare their effectiveness.

  • MathGPT


    Chaining an LLM with a simple calculator to make a chatbot capable of doing arithmetic.

  • CloneGPT


    A basic clone of the ChatGPT web app using a module I made to query OpenAI APIs from edge environments.

  • GPT Rap Battles

    GPT Rap Battles

    Generate a rap battle between two arbitrary historical characters...


    An easy way to support impactful climate nonprofits.